Print and Web

This site in Drupal 8 is still very much under construction.

A few Wordpress sites I've built and maintain for clients:

screenshot of website
My first Content Management System (CMS) driven website was for Hilda Kean. An existing client, Hilda approached me for consultancy on how to establish an independent web profile as she approached formal retirement from academia. Highly averse to social media, Hilda acted on my advice to create a profile on LinkedIn which she now values and actively maintains, and we went on to create a website she could update herself powered by the Wordpress content management system. The original brief was to promote her three separate areas of interest as a historian - public history, animals, London. Initially highly averse to any idea of blogging Hilda now blogs regularly, and the site has received a number of compliments from her readership. I will be updating the site with a mobile-friendly responsive theme in the very near future.


screenshot of website
The brief was for an online database with an online form by which entry submissions would be crowdsourced. As a low budget scalable prototype from which should the need arise the data can be exported into a more bespoke solution it is powered by Wordpress deploying the FormidablePro plugin to provide the additional functionality. Visual design is built on very minimal customisation of a standard responsive Wordpress theme. A significant element of the project was to provide training and support for the core administrators and editors.


screenshots of responsive website
A Wordpress-powered website replacing the original HTML site created and maintained by Judy's late partner.


Content Management System administration and editorial:
Since 2007 I have been lead administrator / content editor. Built by Caterina Carola in 2006, Games Monitor is powered by Drupal 4.7.
Sysadmin (systems administrator) for Phase 2 of the website powered by the Liferay Portal CMS.

Other relevant CMS consultancy:

Advice to existing IT support client for development of featuring streamed video within a user-maintained CMS before this became commonplace, choosing between Drupal, Joomla, and Wordpress CMSs, leading to referral for development to a colleague in the Common Knowledge collective.

And finally, some print samples on my quirky oldskool HTML homepage