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I offer ICT services and support for Macintosh, Windows and Ubuntu PCs:

Favicon treatment of my brand image hardware troubleshooting and upgrades

Favicon treatment of my brand image operating systems, Internet, office and media applications

Favicon treatment of my brand image small networks, broadband and wireless connectivity and security, parental controls

Favicon treatment of my brand image design for print and web, proofreading and editorial

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Anyone can swap out a drive for you, but not everyone can offer a high level of software support across a broad range of applications. I've twenty years experience supporting media applications on Macintosh desktops having specialised in print publishing, and having held salaried positions at University of Luton and London School of Economics and Political science. Many years ago I gained CompTIA A+ Certification as a PC and MS Windows technician and completed Cisco Networking Academy's CCNA Semesters 1&2.

To discuss your needs please email using the contact form below.Favicon treatment of my brand image